Let’s start your journey together – the one of living your life, the one you came here to have!

Join me on the 7th February 2021 as part of research for my new book – Fibromyalgia and/or depression – to be published.

The start of this book journey and the start of your recovery journey… how exciting to be part of this union of me and you!



I am writing my next book and I need a little help, please. Anyone with FIBROMYALGIA AND OR DEPRESSION who wants to learn how to to help themselves, who wants to see another way to look at life, to help you be the best version of yourself are welcome.

You need to be committed to several ZOOM MEETINGS IN FEBRUARY and to give feedback on all that we do.

I will give you my attention, expertise and time in exchange for your commitment and desire to change.

The first session will be on the 7th of February at 3pm GMT this will be the introduction and you are free to say it is not for you at any point, equally I can say if I do not think it is suitable for you right now. The second session which is where we begin the work is on the8th of February Monday at 3pmYou need to be able to attend both these sessions. Show your interest by messaging Jan via messenger or email If for any reason the time is not suitable and you want to join us – speak to me….07772967578 for WhatsApp



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