Happy Passing Day!

OMGosh! What are you talking about now Jan?

This video is self-explanatory and came about from many talks with people who had lost loved ones. Not only that, they were unable to understand how to live their own lives and still feel for the person whom they had lost. Happy Passing Day was born out of their need and my passion to help people in their lives.

Card one

Happy Passing Day- My love flows to you everyday

A beautiful card for you to print at home and place close to a photograph and candle to celebrate the passing of your loved one.

Much love and blessings to you

Card two

Happy Passing Day – My thoughts and yours are always aligned – with love

A beautiful blue card with calling feathers for you to print and place by a photograph of your loved one with a candle to celebrate your love for them and their passing day.

Much love and blessings

Card three

This is your Happy Passing Day card to personalise.

Email me a photo of your loved one, or you can send me a picture of your beloved pet- click to order a personalised card – I will create the card and email it to you for printing.

Much love and blessings

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