Mental Health awareness and support in MAY

Hey there!

This is my programme to support and help those with mental health or just feeling out of the loop of like – join me in May 2021

Workshop link for more info

Mental health awareness 1st to 7th May these are all Facebook live sessions

Why Me?

I have had varying degrees of mental health illness in my life from severe depression, suicide attempts to feeling low and not knowing what to do in my life. I am a teacher and work intuitively to help you in your life now.

Realign to YOUR true self is a memoir and self-help book in progress, this workshop is aligned to the book. To date, I have run two sessions prior to May with supreme results and feedback.

One lady had not worked or gone out alone for 22 years and after attending the programme once began to change her outlook on life.

Someone else had been in therapy for many years and after completing the first programme felt she was learning more about herself than in all those years of therapy!

To read more about this programme click here

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