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Psychic party/group readings in the comfort of your own home


Psychic party/group readings in the comfort of your own home



Create a space for Jan to connect to the energies for you, this ideally will be in a different room, a table is preferable to work from.

A dining room is ideal!


Opt for Jan to read for everyone, in front of everyone.

I will give individual readings, I can make notes and/or you can record your reading on your phone.

I will use cards and a connection to spirit.

Each individual reading will last about 20-30 minutes, so factor this into the time you want me to arrive. the group session reading will vary in time.

You are paying per person so order that amount as you move through this shop.

The host is always free on these evenings if over 5 people are present.

These evenings create great energy with all the spirits for everyone!

Contact me first to check the date is available

Should you cancel in less than 14 days there is no refund.

Cancel more than 14 days in advance and you will have 50% refund – 

purchase as many as there are people

We are phasing this option out in 2023


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