Journaling for 30 Days



Here it is – Journaling for 30 Days – Self-exploration and development. – signed copy if ordered through this website UK only

This journaling book is different from most others as it does what it says on the cover – helps you to explore self and grow with your development in life.

My Journaling has been tried and tested in a private group with some great successes.

Ready to make consistent changes to your life? Ready to move one step closer to your life purpose? Jan’s journaling is your tool for success. Jan works intuitively to create 30 days of specifically-crafted prompts for you to extract the goodness from within, to eliminate your problem areas and to bring the colour back into your life. This journal is printed in black and white purposely, for you to see the colour in your life encapsulating the pages as you progress from day one. All you need is this book, maybe a notebook and some coloured pens and pencils. Let’s get started on your journey of discovery, one that will take you to realisations that the things you need to move on from are only under the surface and will release with ease. Show up every day and give your all as you embrace each day. “Journaling’s intentions are to empower mind changes which enable life change, potentiating your soul’s life passion to create your own rightful miraculous adventure.” Zoetic Soul.

Jans first book is ZOETIC SOUL – Which is available on Amazon

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