Valentine special offer





This is a great offer, a valentine special!

30 min time with Jan!

The content is your choice in the type of session you have.

This offer is open to everyone.

Connecting to loved ones, spirit guides, oracle cards and angels to bring you the messages you need to continue your life in the right way OR to set you on the right track once and for all.

Your divinely connected reading IS HERE FOR YOU for up to 30 min each session

I voice the spirit’s words
We can ask for a specific person who has passed to join us and receive guidance, validations and messages from them
We can answer your questions – ask the questions and spirit will answer you
or any other way you feel comfortable

​* be relaxed and at ease with your reading

* have a drink to hand

* have a notebook or record on your phone but please say if you are recording.

* visit the loo before

* write questions that you want answers to

Begin to connect by asking the spirits to join us before we start the reading…

BOOK your time in February until the offer runs out.


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