Realign to YOUR True Self

Let’s start your journey together – the one of living your life, the one you came here to have!

It is never too late…

FIBROMYALGIA, Depression, Mental health or lacking in life. This is for you.

How exciting to be part of this union of me and you. Working together we can create that wonderful space for you to be your true self.

This is a free programme of seven zoom sessions and support in a FB group.

Do you need a little help in your life?

Do you need stronger foundations to build your future?

Realign to your true self  is about 7 steps to help you put the fundamental foundations into your life forever!

I have been guided for many years to help people in their lives. You know how one thing leads to another. Well, my series of events has led me to put together seven lessons. Each one can be used independently or for the best results worked as a programme. As time went on I decided to give this method a name.

The MAYS Method: Seven steps to finding YOUR perfect alignment. Re-emerge from Fibromyalgia, mental health problems, Depression and stagnant energy was born. Mindfully Actioning Your Self helps you build the foundations you need to realise your desire to grow internally and accept externalities.

In the first instance, I asked people to work with me to receive feedback on what they thought of the sessions and to receive first-hand feedback on my book’s content, I ran a study group in February and April, which had fantastic results. Seeing people grow in their lives by changing a way of thinking or doing something that is truly unique made my heart swell with pride for each person.

 I am giving you the opportunity to engage with me in July.

What a fantastic opportunity!

The criteria for this is:

**you want to make changes in your life

**you feel stuck in life right now

**you may have a mental health or anxiety condition

**you may have another health condition

**you know there is more for you, but you  can’t make it happen

**you can access ZOOM meetings

**You are dedicated to 7 zoom meetings in May, preferably live but can be replayed in a dedicated Facebook group.

If you resonate with anything similar of the above, then this is for you; you can join if you are curious too.

What do I want in return?

**for you to turn up to all seven meetings, which will last approx. and hour or listen to the replay

**give feedback, this will help other people in the future

**share your experience with the group – only if you are comfortable doing this. There is no pressure to share anything.

Relax, enjoy and be open-minded and ready for changes in you.

The dates of the ZOOM meetings are

Session 1- 8th July 7.00pm Thursday

Session 2- 11th July 7pmSunday

Session 3- 15th July 7pm Thursday

Session 4- 18th July 7pm Sunday

Session 5- 22nd July 7pm Thursday

Session 6- 25th July 7pm Sunday

Session 7- 29th July 7pm Thursday

All times are BST London time zone – all sessions are recorded and available in the group for replay.

Connect with Jan on FB – or WhatsApp message 07772967578

I am happy to help you to help me!

Feedback from other sessions

“Clear delivery on all sessions…”

Things I learnt in the session is really going to change the way I think and see myself, I really do appreciate it.”

“I like to keep a journal and this fits in nicely with that.”

“Being in a group was new to me and I am shy and anti-social, but it wasn’t as hard as I thought, nobody was pushed to speak and it was easy going.”

“For me, this programme is different for a few reasons. The first is that it’s not reliant on someone swooping in with a magic wand saying they can make my life better. It’s about the change coming from inside me, which is impowering and it means that i am in control of my own life, the changes I make and the pace I take.”

“The course does not allow for us to sit and moan about our symptoms, it is not about that. It is for anyone who truly wants to be in that space where growth happens regardless of anything else.”

The first session will be on the 8th of July at 7pm GMT this will be the introduction in the first half and getting on with it in the second half and you are free to say it is not for you at any point, equally I can say if I do not think it is suitable for you right now. Show your interest by messaging Jan via messenger or email If for any reason the time is not suitable and you want to join us – speak to me….07772967578 for WhatsApp. It is possible to watch the replays.

I will give you my attention, expertise and time in exchange for your commitment and desire to change.

Who wants to see another way to look at life to help you be the best version of yourself?

You need to be committed to seven ZOOM MEETINGS IN JULY and to give feedback in return.



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