Your Journey Begins

Wherever you are in life Jan’s years of experience are here to help you to live your true purpose

Great to see you!

Jan prides herself in being the best version of herself every day!

(That includes pyjama/sofa days!)

Where are you in your life? We are very excited right now; Jan has been given a new wave of angels which she is starting to work with – see a little more below.

JANUARY 2ND 2023 is the first session of Realign to YOUR true self – a seven-session course to help you find yourself – get rid of being stuck, stagnant, and not knowing where you are going in life – read more here click here to find the link to the first session

Jan Mayfield

For many years Jan has worked in a teaching capacity connecting with 1000’s of people, helping them in their lives to be the best version of themselves every day. Dynamically she engages in her spiritual work. Trance and channelling have been at the forefront recently, with her new YouTube channel. This year, 2022 she has been working behind the scenes on something new, parts of which will be revealed – soon. Scroll for a teaser on her new project x


As far back as Jan can remember, guidance, connections and messages from an unknown source were her leading light for her progression. Approximately eleven years ago, she was told of a new wave of Angels, and she should prepare to share them with the World.  Extremely overwhelmed at the thought of this jan put it to one side in her mind. In January of 2022 information started to trickle in through in a trance session – then she could not stop it!

Here are the Z-Angels! for your personal and spiritual development.

I would love a set please Jan – click here UK LINK
I would love a set please Jan – click here for US and Canada


lives and breaths her life’s chosen path. Dedicating time to give you foresight, skills and the ability to take action steps in your life.

Here they are the new wave of Z-ANGELS

Jan was shown by the universe many years ago that a new set of angels will be coming to earth.

She thought little of it as her work took her in a different direction. Then all of a sudden she

was given messages from the universe that it is time to deliver the angels to earth NOW!

This is one of the most exciting times in her life, be part of it and follow her journey

with the Z-Angels

Jan now combines spiritual and personal development using whatsApp and Zoom live sessions,

see more on TikTok too.

Read more here

Universal Energies

Jan works with universal energies, connecting intuitively to the vibrations and energies specific to you. She is a pleasure to watch.

“How do you do that?” “How do you know that?” “Where did you learn that?”

Jan now combines spiritual and personal development in various especially dedicated ZOOM sessions and website Read more here

Whether you are looking for a one to one session on business, personal or life guidance, Jan has a consultation for you.

What People Say

 Jan you came into my awareness at the end of last year and I am so much better for it. From the tips of my toes to the heart of my soul, you have shifted my awareness of the energies surrounding us. I can only guess you talked about energy and how the universe connects to us through life’s events. I am ever so grateful to my daughter who thought her mom could use a reading by a “wonderful physic woman” and that connection changed my path from a never-ending circle to a wonderful meandering path filled with questions, answers, a wonderment of the many life opportunities out there. Jan I am grateful you chose to come on-line and share your vision and the many messages we mortals need to hear as we go down our life’s paths. You are a gift, you offer the opportunity for us to know about life beyond and in our own backyard. I hope you are on here for many more years…..❤️

Alma Bromilow

Browse Jan’s Z-Angel page too

Speaking to YOU

A message and experience shared is paramount for change. I am keeping this picture in memory of Nancy –

Your foundations

Nothing will sustain growth without the right foundations

Be open to your unique purpose

It IS there inside you, all that you need to know. Let’s access it together

Our passion is your passion

Passion in any form is the closest connection to loving self

Pure soul connection with this lady – soul tears bring in power, determination and transmutation to your next destination. – thank you for the experience


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