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Speaking to you the audience

A message and experience shared is paramount for change.

Setting down your foundations

Nothing will sustain growth without the right foundations.

Open up to your real purpose

It is there inside you, all that you need to know. let’s access it together?

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Our passion is your passion

Passion in any form is the closest connection to loving self.

Proud to serve with love and guidance

Joining you to your soul’s masterplan.


 Jan you came into my awareness at the end of last year and I am so much better for it. From the tips of my toes to the heart of my soul you have shifted my awareness of the energies surrounding us. I can only guess you talked about energy and how the universe connects to us through life’s events. I am ever so grateful to my daughter who thought her mom could use a reading by a “wonderful physic woman” and that connection changed my path from a never ending circle to a wonderful meandering path filled with questions, answers,wonderment of the many life opportunities out there. Jan I am grateful you chose to come on-line and share your vision and the many messages we mortals need to hear as we go down our life’s paths. You are a gift, you offer the opportunity for us to know about life beyond and in our own backyard. I hope you are on here for many more years…..❤️

Alma Bromilow

You’ve helped me loads over the years given me a lot of guidance and messages I truly appreciate your time energy and friendship xx

Paula Rose


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