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You must be dreaming, Jan’s mother used to say to her when she recalled—at around three years of age—the old lady sitting in the chair in the corner of her bedroom. She was not dreaming or seeing things or hallucinating.

From that early age, she knew not everyone saw what she did. Trying to push away her truth, Jan continued to keep silent about what she could really see.

Travelling around the UK in the southern regions as a public house manager gave her lots of ‘paranormal’ experiences. There was always this thirst to know more; connecting to the skies and the universe was a passion and she would stare for hours at the glossy pictures in her encyclopaedias and other comet books.

Over the years, there were bouts of severe depression, suicide attempts, and the loss of her long-term partner. Her two children grew up with Jan as both mum and dad.

Retraining as a teacher in IT, leading to becoming a programme and centre manager in adult education, was a time in her life in which she thrived. Her love of being able to surf the web as a job—while teaching others—gave her great satisfaction; the same satisfaction she now gets from teaching you all about your spiritual paths and how you can help yourself to release and move on in life.

Such a positive, embracing, naturally gifted person, Jan is humbled by the many unexplained experiences in her life. She knows she is here to serve and teach you to know and reach, intuitively, your place of being.

Jan is always moving on, in various ways and believes that we should continue to evolve until we take the last breath in this earthly body. Jan fully embracing her spiritual path began after a car accident which left her with Fibromyalgia – that she has put into remission with positivity- ask her about it and learn how to help your self.

Over three decades of many consultations in various forms; she now shares with you what she has learnt, how she has helped people to be the best version of themselves.

Do not underestimate the power of this woman’s abilities as intuitively she is amongst the top powerful woman in her field.

Book a session, work with her and be taught by her- you will change your mindset, change your life.

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What people have said

It means so much. You have an amazing gift and I appreciate that you have given me support.

Graham – Email

…your explanation has given back my trust and belief in myself as well as in spirit. Once again Jan, Thank you.

Lisa email

I believe I was meant to have this reading and it really had made me feel so positive…

Crystal M Email

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