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Jan never in a million years thought she would write a book, let alone publish one!

She has the bug now for writing, getting her message to you to enhance your life. To change your life.

Jan always has books half written ready to complete when the time is right.


Do you feel like you’re always “this close” to achieving something only to fall short? Do you feel as though you are always struggling and not moving forward or feeling fulfilled?

Making changes that will turn your life around takes an understanding of the universal energies and how the soul and spirit interact and connect to everything. A whole chapter on a perspective about suicide.

Author Jan Mayfield channels the energies and voices of souls who have evolved and transcribes them. Read the dialogue of the souls who pass on valuable messages and worldly predictions.


Signed copies will be available from Jan

20 inspirational women – 20 chapters

Get ready to be inspired

Whoop! Whooop! Look what happened in lockdown.Hey Hey Hey we reached NUMBER ONE – IT IS A NUMBER ONE BEST SELLER ON DAY OF PUBLICATION!

During lockdown I have been busy working on a new book, along with other inspirational ladies to create an amazing book which is full of inspirational stories from women all over the world, including stories of abuse, Anorexia, Depression, stories of self-love, confidence and entrepreneurialism. The proceeds from the book will be going to help build an entrepreneurial village for women in Africa, this is part of a 10-year project that will be starting Sept 2021 – 2031. Dawn and Tracey are heading this project, it is their baby. It will also be on my page too.You can either purchase the kindle book for just 99p, that will be a great help.

Fancy a signed copy? Posted directly to you for only

£10.99 UK free postage

Europe £7.25 +10.99= £18.24

Worldwide 16.86+10.99=£27.85 

The profits from the signed book that Jan sells will be used to publish her book on Fibromyalgia and depression-

Many blessings and much love – Jan

Jan has books in progress…

Keep stopping by to see the latest –

Everything is progression – Never stop

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